How to keep an eye on home and business on the move?

monitorbee - video surveillance

MonitorBee surveillance monitor app brings live video stream on your mobile phone.

Home and business security with monitorBee video surveillance app on your mobile phone.

MonitorBee is video surveillance app for home and business security. It sends online video stream from IP cameras, NVRs, DVRs on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile mobile phones.
With monitorBee one is able to keep an eye on home and business whenever away, look after children. You can access for free popular public IP cameras around the world. Thanks to the full PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) controls and the landscape & portrait modes you can get 360′ live picture. While viewing the video surveillance stream, you can take JPG snapshot, save it to the local photo gallery and e-mail it from there. МonitorBee multiplatform support allows you to watch video stream from a variety of mobile devices.
MonitorBee offers free 24/7 technical support, free video surveillance updates / bug fixes / new features.

MonitorBee supports four mobile OS – Apple OS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile. New versions has been released on June.

MonitorBee Surveillance Monitor App on Android

  • Versions: Free, Cams5, Cams10
  • Release : 1.4.3, June 2011;
  • Support: OS 1.6 and up;
  • Build-in public cameras;
  • New features: widget fix for OS 3.1, SD card option, no ads, memory optimization.

MonitorBee  Surveillance Monitor App on Blackberry

  • Versions: Free, Cams5, Cams10
  • Release: 1.2.1, June 2011;
  • Support: OS 4.5 and up;
  • Build-in public cameras.

MonitorBee  Surveillance Monitor App on iPhone/ iPad

  • Versions: Free. Upgrade is available
  • Release: 1.3, June 2011;
  • Support: OS 3.2 and up.;
  • Build-in public cameras.

MonitorBee  Surveillance Monitor App on Windows Mobile

  • Versions: Free, Cams5, Cams10
  • Release: 1.5, June 2011;
  • Support: WinMo 6.x;
  • Build-in public cameras.
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